The Ten

Last weekend, I finally rented the movie, The Ten,  by David Wain who also brought us Wet Hot American SummerStella Shorts, and the 90’s era obscure, but brilliant sketch comedy TV show, The State, which I was introduced to by our own Gleicherd. In college, Gleicherd and our friends used to watch and quote from old episodes of The State all the time. The best thing about the sense of humor of The State is their willingness to take absurdity to the extreme, until it borders on the surreal and purgatory-esque. The best sketches in The Ten, which is built around 10 skits that are loosely based on each of the ten commandments,  go off the same principles of humor that made The State a great show and there is definitely some funny stuff in the movie. Admittedly, it does not really capture the pure lovable goofiness that makes Wet Hot American Summer amazing and it is probably more on the level of a mediocre episode of The State, without nearly enough Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter and way too much Jessica Alba. With that said, since you still can’t get episodes of The State on DVD, The Ten is probably worth watching instead.

–Vicky Vengeance


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