After Hours

After Hours

Martin Scorsese ended up directing After Hours when his first attempt to film The Last Temptation of Christ totally imploded and the future of his career was uncertain. Tim Burton had signed on to do the project earlier on, but bowed out when he learned Scorsese wanted it, which is almost a shame when you think about what his take on this dark, frenetic material might have been. It is a nice little movie as is though, which involves a long series of nightmarish twists and turns over the course of one endless night in New York City.  Admittedly, there are a few slow patches and it is very much a minor work from a major director, but it’s interesting to see a different kind of movie from Scorsese. What surprised me most while I was watching it though was how much it reminded me of Jim Jarmusch (particularly Night on Earth) who I wouldn’t have connected to Scorsese before. This movie has the same spontaneity, the multiple cameo performances, the sense of place, and even the particular brand of black humor that have become Jarmusch hallmarks. It would be interesting to know if the movie influenced him at all since it came out a little before he truly got started.


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