Two Friends

I saw Two Friends by Australian director, Jane Campion last night. Not a masterpiece exactly, but a well-executed slice of life movie that captures the de-evolution of a friendship in an intriguing way. The film is structured as a series of progressively earlier flashbacks, so it ends with the scene that happens in the characters’ lives the earliest. Admittedly this is a gimmick, but I feel like it did emphasize the nostalgia that tends to permeate my own reflections back on my adolescent friendships. There is a nice, implicit feminist tone to the film, as you might expect from a movie chronicling a friendship between two girls, without being too cliche or overwrought. The whole film is done with an amazingly light, understated touch which allows the relationship between the friends and the mother and daughter in the movie to unfold in a way that feels very genuine. I recommend it, especially for people who have enjoyed other works by Campion.

–Vicky Vengeance

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